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Israeli War Criminals Find Tough Crowd Abroad

Israeli war criminals are finding more challenges as they attempt to travel abroad. The International Solidarity Movement encourages all those concerned about human rights to continue pressuring the United Nations against inviting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to to address ...

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Israel represses non-violent protest in occupied West Bank

Submitted by David Bloom Every Friday for months now, the Palestinian village of Bi’lin in the Israeli-occupied West Bank has been the scene of creative and organized non-violent protests against the illegal construction of Israel’s “separation wall,”which will cut off ...

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Bil’in Locked Down in Curfew

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ISM Media Team Contact: Mohammed 0545851893 Media Office: 022971824 Greta: 0542011548 At 5:00 am, three border police cars broke the peaceful sleep of the villagers in Bil’in, moving through the village with their bullhorns blaring. “You are ...

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Israeli army continues uprooting in Salem

Salem is a small village of about 6,000 residents that is the site of some recent Israeli construction, which tends to come with a certain amount of destruction of Palestinian property. It started this morning, when an Israeli earth-crusher began ...

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New Settlement Puts Pressure on Jerusalem Palestinians

by Jon Elmer The New Standard Situated on a hill overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, the new Israeli housing development looks like it could be an upscale planned community in suburban North America: a billboard solicits buyers for “phase ...

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