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ICAHD: Don’t say, “We Didn’t Know”#7

Settler Grafiti on the streets of Hebron It happens almost every day in Hebron. Human Rights Workers (HRWs) from different countries come to do what the Israeli security forces refuse to do. They provide security in a nonviolent manner for ...

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Another “Barrier” to Peace

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On Friday, 9th June, at 2:00 PM The people of South Mt. Hebron will demonstrate against the ‘inner barrier’ being built in that region. This “inner mini barrier” is being built along road 317 in South Mt. ...

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Israel Tunes Out

1- Israel Tunes Out: Denies entrance to piano tuner from California 2- Toronto Sun: “Protesting against Israeli apartheid” 3- Visiting Your Neighbours in Tel Rumeida 4- Villagers in South Hebron Hills Win “Battle of the Gap” Israel Tunes Out: Denies ...

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Students Unite Against Checkpoints

1-Students Unite Against Checkpoints 2- Ha’aretz: “With a little help from the outside” 3- Palestinian Unity Against Military Brutality 4- Beit Ummar Farmers Struggle to Work Their Land 5- Two Houses Demolished in Brukin, Salfit 6- The impact of the ...

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Qawawis Demands a Gap

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tomorrow, Sunday morning villagers will lie down along the route of the wall demanding the a gap is left for them to be able to pass through. The villagers of Qawawis woke up Wednesday morning to workers ...

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