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The Tel Aviv party stops here

Naomi Klein | The Nation 9 September 2009 When I heard the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was holding a celebratory “spotlight” on Tel Aviv, I felt ashamed of Toronto, the city where I live. I thought immediately of Mona ...

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Hugo Chávez accuses Israel of genocide

Rory McCarthy | The Guardian 9 September 2009 Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president, has accused Israel of genocide against the Palestinians, saying the offensive in Gaza early this year was unprovoked. “The question is not whether the Israelis want to ...

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Why stop with Elbit?

Amira Hass | Ha’aretz 9 September 2009 The question is not why Norway divested from the defense electronics giant Elbit Systems, but why only now, and why only from that company? The country that gave the name of its capital ...

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UN: Gaza in worst condition since 1967

Ali Waked | YNet News 8 September 2009 A UN report published Tuesday says poverty in the Gaza Strip has deteriorated to levels unseen since 1967. The UN trade and development agency says 90% of Gaza’s residents are currently beneath ...

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Israel’s laws of persecution

Nimer Sultany | The Guardian 8 September 2009 Two cases brought before Israeli courts last week revealed the attitude of the establishment towards Palestinian Arab citizens of the state. One shows how Palestinian citizens are treated as victims of police ...

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How does Israel decide who gets a visa to Ramallah?

Amira Hass | Ha’aretz 8 September 2009 Sven Ouzman, a 39-year-old archaeologist from South Africa, violated the terms of his “Palestinian Authority only” visa six times, when unintentionally and for lack of choice, he drove on roads under full Israeli ...

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