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Child dies of his wounds as occupation forces escalate attacks on occupied Nabi Salah

6/5/23 – Update: 2,5 year old Mohammed Tamimi has died of his wounds inflicted by Israeli soldiers who shot him in the head.

6/4/23 Nabi Salah, Occupied Palestine: The Israeli occupation forces have escalated their assaults on the Palestinian village of Nabi Salah targeting civilians including a toddler with live ammunition.


Two and half year old Mohammad Tamimi has a bullet lodged in his brain and is currently in critical condition.

 On Thursday, June first, 2023, the occupation forces placed a military checkpoint at the entrance of the village and prevented cars from passing. They forced some young men to get out from their cars and began to attack them physically without any reasons 

At approximately 7:30 pm one of the soldiers stationed near the military tower shot Haitham al-Tamimi, 40, in the shoulder and his son two and a half years old, Mohammed Al Tamim in the head as they were about to get onto their car warning. Haitham was operated on in Ramallah Hospital but his son, Mohammed is in critical condition with a bullet lodged in his brain.

Haitham AlTamimi after being operated on after Israeli troups opened fire on him and his son

At around 8:00 pm, a military jeep stormed the village and started firing live bullets directly at the houses, which led to breaking the windows in some houses. As a result, Wissam Al-Tamimi 17 was injured by a sponge bomb in his head while he was standing on the roof of the house, which fractured his skull.

17 year old Wissam AlTamimi was hit in the head with what is called a ponge bomb while on the roof of his house. He suffers form a fractured skull.

After that, three snipers positioned themselves on the roof of one of the shops opposite the citizens homes and fired live bullets and sponge bombs at anyone who moved, whether inside the houses or on the roof tops. The journalist and volunteer at B’Tselem, Bilal Al-Tamimi, who was wearing a press uniform, helmet, and shield, was wounded after a soldier fired a sponge bomb directly and from a close range which broke his wrist and required surgery for a platinum implant. The house of journalist Bilal Al-Tamimi continued to be targeted with live bullets, gas canisters and sponge bombs, as a result of which his mother, who had kidney failure, suffocated.

Journalist and Human rights defender Bilal Al Tamimi after being operated on due to the occupation forces breaking his wrist with a so called sponge bullet

On Friday, June 2, at approximately 4:30 P.M, Noura Al-Tamimi was hit by a sponge canister in her stomach, which caused severe convulsions, which necessitated taking her to the hospital. Kafa Al-Tamimi, who is seven months pregnant, suffocated from the gas after a tear gas canister broke the glass of her bedroom window.

Many of the village residents, including children, women, and the elderly, were detained outside their homes and were not allowed to return until the withdrawal of the occupation forces at dawn. 

On Saturday night, June 3, 2023 the occupying military invaded the village, once again entering homes, The occupying soldiers took one young man from his home, beat him up, and then released him. This morning the children of Nabi Salah went to school to sit their final exams after another sleepless night.

Manal Tamimi of Nabi Saleh stated: “ The incitement for this attack stems from the settlers’ repeated attempts to intimidate the villagers, with the most recent incident occurring just last week. In light of these distressing events, we urgently call upon the international community to ensure the protection of this small village, with a population not exceeding 650 people. It is imperative that international humanitarian law and international treaties are upheld, and immediate action is taken to halt the repeated attacks by both the occupation forces and settlers. Over the past decade alone, these aggressions have tragically resulted in the martyrdom of five young individuals from the village.”

Haitham and Mohammed AlTamimi days before the Israeli occupiying forces shot them.