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Vittorio Fera free: ‘People need to open their blind eye!’

11th September 2015 | International Solidarity Movement, Al-Khalil Team | Hebron, occupied Palestine

Vittorio Fera was arrested on 28th August 2015 at a peaceful demonstration in Nabi Saleh in occupied Palestine. He was beaten up several times by Israeli soldiers during and after his arrest and they only handed him over to the Israeli police after repeated requests by his lawyer to do so.

Israeli soldiers accused him of attacking them and throwing stones – claims completely unfounded, as he was documenting the violent arrest of Mohammed Tamimi. The decision on the case was postponed till Monday the 31st of August, where the court released him on a 3.000 shekel bill after 3 days in prison, and the condition to have yet another court on Tuesday the 8th September. Finally, the court took the decision to cancel this court date and relinquish the case.

With no evidence ever submitted to prove any of the claims by Israeli soldiers on the reason of Vittorio’s arrest, this is just the final step in the farce of ‘justice’ provided by the Israeli system. With the final court hearing just dropped, Vittorio’s innocence in all charges can not be officially determined by the court. The soldiers responsible for his wrongful arrest and beating him will not face any consequences on their illegal and immoral behaviour and will be free to continue as if nothing ever happened.

Vittorio’s statement on his case and the media attention:

“When things like this happen to an international, the media immediately starts to spread the news as if it’s an extraordinary case. People need to open their blind eye because these kind of things happen on a daily basis in Palestinian’s everyday lives. We need the same attention and condemnation of these acts of violence, brutality and illegal activity by the Israeli government.

Whereas an international can be deported or declared not guilty and that’s just it, for Palestinians on the other hand, even without any evidence, they can be put in administrative detention and kept locked up in a prison for years without the right to a due process.”