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VIDEO: 14-year-old violently arrested in Hebron

6th November 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Khalil Team | Hebron, Occupied Palestine

On October 30th, a 14-year-old boy was violently arrested by Israeli forces in al-Khalil (Hebron).

Due to a teachers strike in solidarity with underpaid public workers, school in Hebron finished at 10:00 in the morning. Several young boys threw stones towards the military, armed at Salaymeh checkpoint, and the soldiers then fired three canisters of tear gas.

The children threw more stones, and the soldiers fired approximately ten more tear gas grenades in several rounds. This continued until 11:00 when an army vehicle drove up from a side street at a high speed. Three soldiers jumped outside one of the school buildings, before running into a school yard and arrested the 14-year-old boy.

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