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Jews Against Genocide: Blood bucket challenge at Yad Vashem

29th September 2014 | Jews Against Genocide | Occupied Palestine
Jews Against Genocide held memorials for the victims of Israel’s recent genocidal attack on Gaza during which the speakers poured buckets of blood like liquid over themselves at Yad Vashem holocaust museum in Jerusalem, the US embassy in Tel Aviv, The Israeli Supreme court in Jerusalem, The Israeli military radio station in Tel Aviv, and at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem. 

International chapters of Jews Against Genocide chapters are planning similar actions at Israeli embassies around the world.

Inspired by the calls issued by Gazan civil society and by Ohio University student senate president Megan Merzak, Jews Against Genocide (JAG) have taken on the blood bucket challenge.

“Until the price that Israel pays for its crimes is higher than the profit it is making from them, Israel’s genocide of Palestinians will continue.

Less than a month after Israel murdered 2137 women, men, and children in Gaza, the US senate rewarded Israel for its crimes. It unanimously passed a bill that increases Israeli access to weapons and encourages Israel’s entry into the US visa waiver program. The UN appointed the first military officer from Israel’s occupation force to an official UN position in a  global peace keeping force.

European governments have not taken any steps against Israel and continue to do business with it as usual. The EU-Israel association agreement includes a Human rights clause that commits both sides to respecting human rights. Despite this, the EU has not suspended the agreement that gives Israel preferential trade conditions with the EU after Israel’s latest massacre. Arms dealers rushed to Israel’s drone expo to buy “field tested” weapons tested on the besieged people of Gaza. But people of conscience around the world are taking action.

It is our responsibility to act in order to make the price of Israeli Apartheid higher than it’s benefits. What brought down Apartheid in south Africa will bring down Israeli Apartheid.” said JAG.