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Action alert: Arrested on the way to school in Bil’in

23rd September 2013 | International Solidarity Movement | Bil’in, Occupied Palestine

On September 14th at 11:00 in the morning, 15 year-old Ibrahim Abu-Rahma was walking to school with his little brother, 13-year-old Ahmed, in their village of Bil’in. An Israeli army jeep had infiltrated the village and stopped near the boys. The two ran in the opposite direction, only to run into another of the army’s infiltrating units. Ibrahim was grabbed by the soldiers and arrested.

A military Judge ruled that he could be released on bail. Now, the Bil’in popular committee need 5000 NIS to pay the bail money.

Bil’in village has been diligently protesting Israel’s theft of their land and the construction of settlements and the apartheid wall, for the past 10 years. All families in the village have payed a high price of resistance to a brutal military occupation. The Abu-Rahma family has lost two family members, Bassem and Jawaher, as a direct result of soldier violence. And the young men and boys of the village are constantly targeted for arrests.

Any amount helps. Please donate here https://palsolidarity.org/donate/ and send an email to lumalayan@yahoo.com  with “Free Ibrahim” in the subject line telling us the sum you have sent.

In solidarity,