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Israeli army arrests a further two people from Kafr Qaddum

23rd May 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Nablus Team| Occupied Palestine

During the night of the 23rd of May, approximately at 02:00AM, the Israeli army raided several houses in the town of Kafr Qaddum and arrested two people. Ryad Mohamad Eshtewi (40) and Fadi Baseem Jomah (27), both of whom are Palestinian police officers.

Another two villagers were threatened during the same night raid. The Israeli army, numbering up to 50 soldiers, stormed into their houses, but the villagers were not there at the time. In one of the houses, according to a witness, the Israeli army left bullets underneath a bed “to send a message”. The other villager who was not at his house during the raid found a police order.

Ryad was sleeping at one of his brothers’ house when he was arrested at 02:00AM. Israeli soldiers forced Ryad back to his house, where they broke into his home and threw a stun grenade inside, searching Ryad’s property. Ryad asked the soldiers why they were being violent if he was already arrested, but no reply was given. No personal items were stolen nor any reasons given for his arrest.

On the morning of the 23rd of May, Ryad’s family received a call from an Israeli captain informing them that he was being held at the Israeli military base of Huwwara. The whereabouts of Fadi are still unknown since his family have not yet received any calls from the Israeli authorities.

According to a villager, this month there have been up to 30 arrests in Kafr Qaddum although 15 of them have been released on bails. These bails, however, could reach as much as 9,000 NIS (over 1,800 euros). Some of these arrests have already been documented, among them is also Murad Eshtewi who is the media coordinator for the weekly demonstrations in Kafr Qaddum. Murad was arrested along with another four youths from the village on the 29th of April. Three of them have recently been released but Murad and Reslan remain under custody almost one month after their arrest.