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Nightraid in Madama village

3rd March 2014| International Solidarity Movement, Nablus Team| Madama, Occupied Palestine

Last morning, early on Monday March 3rd, around 100 Israeli soldiers raided the village of Madama, south of Nablus, breaking in houses and detaining 15 people. All of the detainees were released later the same night.

The Israeli forces entered the village around 2am and invaded seven houses, breaking the doors and throwing stun grenades. The soldiers vandalized the houses and proceeded to handcuff 15 people, keeping them detained for 4 hours. Pictures of the victims of the raid were taken by the Israeli Forces, who also interrogated them.  All of the Palestinians were released in the center of the village of Madama at 6am, when the soldiers left the village.

Damage inflicted by Israeli forces during the raid on Madama

Damage inflicted by Israeli forces during the raid on Madama

Arsenal of Israeli exactions stays endless, this night raid example in Madama is a proof that we didn’t need, such Israeli violence gets daily in this village.

In a bigger scale, this is violence by Israeli state  in the Occupied territories where military law reigns and prevents any Palestinian to live a normal life.