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Thirsting for Justice Campaign Teach-in for Palestinian water rights World Water Day – 22 March 2013

19 February| Thirsting for Justice

On World Water Day show your support for the Palestinian struggle for water justice, organize a teach-in to learn the facts about the context and take action in support of this basic human right.


The Thirsting for Justice Campaign calls on supporters worldwide to observe World Water Day 2013 (22 March) by organizing community teach-ins[1] to gain an accurate and factual portrayal of the challenges Palestinians under Israeli occupation face in their daily lives when accessing clean water and to promote discussion on actions in support of Palestinian water rights.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians and internationals in the West Bank will be taking part in a “walk for water justice” in the Jordan Valley to mark World Water Day, an initiative of the Thirsting for Justice Campaign and the Jenin Freedom Theater.

To join the teach-in action:

1. Register intent by writing to us on info@thirstingforjustice.org. You will receive a resource pack, which contains all the information you need to organize this action.

2. Discuss with us your ideas. We will endeavor to answer your queries and support you in the organization of the teach-in. Watch our video: http://youtu.be/wva8lYEVGCk

3. Send us the details for your teach-in so we can advertise it on our website and social media. You can organize the teach-in at any time during the month of March.

4. Send us your report-back with details of what was agreed among participants during the meeting so others can be inspired by your work. See the action sheet we prepared in the resource pack with suggestions on what you could do to reach decision-makers and get them to act.

Learn more about the campaign for Palestinian water rights on our website www.thirstingforjustice.org and look for us on Facebook and Twitter.

[1] Teach-ins are educational forums where people come together to focus on a single topic and build a common understanding about an issue. Teach-ins are meant to be practical, participatory and oriented towards action. Their main goal is to educate people and work towards change.