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Update: Voices of Resistance

For Media: We have English (as well as other languages) speaking people in Gaza wishing for their voices to be heard. To arrange for interviews please contact: palreports@gmail.com

Haidar Eid, professor (Tel Al Hawa, Gaza)

”On November 19th, while death and destruction was still pouring down on Gaza I  wrote: “Gaza 2009 was the Sharpeville and Guernica of Palestine. Gaza 2012 is Palestine’s Soweto 1976, that will lead inexorably to implementation of the Right of Return and the end of ALL racist solutions; the beginning of the end of occupation, colonization and Apartheid in Palestine! ” This is what has happened. History has repeat itself, but not as a tragedy this time: 1976 witnessed the beginning of the end of Apartheid in South Africa; 2012 will be the turning point that will lead to the end of Apartheid in Palestine!

Ola Anan (West of Gaza City)

‘’Life is beginning to go back into normal life, student are back to school today, I can’t imagine how hard it feels to go back to the school and find out your friends was killed during the war. People begin to go out of the street to see the destroyed places. Land marks of the city are destroyed, they compare how the things are seems different, seems that we needs a lot of time to realize what really happened, how much we have lost.’’

Muhsen Abu Ramadan (the chairman of the steering committee of PNGO in Gaza)

“One of the factors that helped Palestinians achieve their victory are the solidarity groups and activists who demonstrated all over the world and helped spread a message  reflecting the international humanitarian values based on human rights and peoples rights to self determination.”

Maram Humaid (student in Gaza Strip)

”It’s the third day after the attack of Israel on Gaza. Normal life is not easier. You can see activists publishing photos on twitter. We, students, activists, boys and girls practice our life normally, there is no wounding, no fire, it is getting normal. Many people are thinking to have fun, but we passed too difficult period and it is hard to do that. We meet and talk about this war, our memories, what is going on and how we are. I have a list of people I want to ask how they are, to see who is secure.”

Rushdi Sarraj (photographer in Gaza strip)

‘’8-days of the aggression on Gaza Strip passed like ages. We never slept or found a way to rest. The sound of bombing and the smell of death lingered everywhere. But we continued our media work without fear  and showed the world the hidden face of the Israeli crimes. Targeting the media was  the highest priority of the occupation, I lost more than one of my colleagues among the dead and wounded.’’

Jaber Abu Regaleh (farmer from Farahin near the border of Gaza in the former buffer zone)

“We are celebrating. Every one, young men, young women, old people, we are all outside walking on our land along the border. I am near the fence now. There is ten meters between me and the Israeli jeep. We have a lot of work to do to repair the destruction caused by the occupation but we will till the land and plant it and renew it to be the agricultural land that it used to be. This is better than a holiday for us.”