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Israeli forces enter Ni’lin with tear gas and ammunition

by  Jenna Bereld

3 December 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

After Friday’s peaceful demonstration in Ni’lin on 2 December, the Israeli military occupation forces entered the village and started following some of the demonstrators. When they caught up, they started to fire rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition.

It’s nothing unusual that they fire live ammunition here, a witness says. But this is the first time they shoot after the demonstration has finished.

Ni’lin has most of its land in area C and the separation wall is built through the actual village, though the village is situated more than 3 km away from the Green Line. Today 39.8% of the village’s total land area is confiscated. The wall also annexes land for  five Israeli settlements established on Ni’lin village’s land.


As usual, Friday’s peaceful demonstration against the wall was met with tear gas. Once the air was thick of tear gas, the demonstrators decided to finish the demonstration.

 Later the occupation forces entered the village and shot rubber bullets and live ammunition among peaceful villagers that were caught up. One man was hit by a rubber bullet and live ammunition was fired in the air and against a stone.

Jenna Bereld is a volunteer with International Solidarity Movement (name has been changed).