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IMEMC: Settlers torch farmlands near Ramallah

18 June 2011 | IMEMC, Saed Bannoura

After a recent burning of its mosque, a group of extremist Israeli settlers torched on Friday Palestinian farmlands planted with wheat in the Al Mogheer village, north of the central west bank city of Ramallah.

The settlers burnt the land in broad daylight and the fires consumed most of the 35 Dunams of land planted with wheat until the villagers managed to control the fire.

Representatives of the Palestinian and Israeli District Coordination offices arrived at the scene after the attack, and the Israeli army claimed it would be investigating it.

Two weeks ago, settlers broke into the village mosque and set it ablaze.

In February this year, settlers uprooted 150 wheat planted Dunams that belong to Al Mogheer residents.

The settlers also uprooted 150 Dunams of farmlands that belong to residents of Tormos-Ayya village, near Ramallah, and sprayed the lands in question with chemicals.