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Beit Ommar in “defiance of instruction”

18 June 2011 | International Solidarity Movement

Beit Ommar

Beit Ommar

On June 18 2011 the weekly Beit Ommar demonstration proceeded towards a fence which encircles the nearby settlement of Karmei Tzur and separates the village from some of its land. A number of protesters reached the fence and planted a Palestinian flag. Local women walked home across the land “in defiance of instruction” made by the occupational forces. During the ensuing army response an Israeli protester and an international protester were detained and later released, and other protesters were hit.

The aim of the demonstration was to show resistance to the theft of Palestinian land, following the erection of a “security fence” erected nearly five years ago. The fence encircles the Karmei Tzur settlement , but also usurps a significant amount of village land.