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Beit Ula names garden after slain Italian activist

25 April 2011 | Ma’an News Agency

Hebron’s Youth Development Association re-named a small garden west of the city after murdered Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni in a Sunday ceremony.

Beit Ula Mayor Rateb Al-Omla presided over the event, thanking the development association for its initiative in commemorating Arrigoni, who was murdered in Gaza City on 15 April.

Organizers invited solidarity activists working in the southern West Bank to the commemoration event, thanking them for their service to the Palestinian people.

A French worker addressed the commemoration ceremony, thanking organizers for their reaffirmation of the strong relationship between the solidarity activists and the Palestinian people.

“Arrigoni supported justice, through his work he contributed to the cause of the Palestinian people, and he will be remembered by the people of this community for his efforts,” Al-Omla said.

Palestinian Authority Minister of Local Government Khalid Qawasmi thanked all of those in attendance on behalf of the PA, saying such events reaffirmed the “authenticity of the Palestinian people in their cries against the brutal act of murder.”