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Bil’in marches against US veto in the United Nations

25 February 2011 | Popular Committee Against the Wall

Dozens were injured in the weekly demonstration against the Occupation and settlements. The demonstration was held against the United State’s veto of a UN resolution which condemned Israel’s illegal settlements. The demonstration was attacked with tear gas by Israeli soldiers who wanted to crush the nonviolent demonstration. Hundreds from Palestine, Israel and the international community attended the demonstration. The demonstration was also in solidarity with the Libyan people.

The march was organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in, along with dozens of peace activists, Israelis and foreigners in solidarity. Demonstrators carried Palestinians flags and sang chants of unity and solidarity with the people of the Arab world. Demonstrators carried posters of prisoner leader brother Marwan Barghouti, and imprisoned popular committee leader Abdullah Abo Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in, as well as banners calling for an end to division and occupation, and condemning the US veto.

The demonstrators marched from the village chanting for unity and the rejection of differences. The march confirmed the need for a resounding Palestinian resistance to occupation and the release of all prisoners, and freedom for Palestine.

The march headed towards the wall, where the military force of the Israeli occupation army had formed a barrier of human soldiers near the gate of the wall at the western side of the fence to prevent demonstrators from entering the land behind the wall. A large number of soldiers deployed on the route of the wall protected a large car spraying protesters with “skunk water.” When protesters try to cross the barrier towards the soldiers, the army fired sound bombs and rubber coated steel bullets. Finally the soldiers began firing tear gas and live ammunition (.22 caliber) at demonstrators. Dozens resulted tear gas inhalation injuries.