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Israeli forces raid an-Nabi Saleh

25 November 2010 | International Solidarity Movement

In the early morning hours of November, the 25th, a night raid took place in the village of An Nabi Saleh. The four Soldiers entered the village at about 2:30 am with two jeeps, searching the house of Bassem Tamimi. Asked for the reason of their coming they claimed “it was their job” to come on a nightly basis, due to the weekly demonstrations held in the village since December 2009.

They searched the house, opening cupboards and spreading the family’s belongings on the floor, without looking for anything in particular or finding anything. The family and two internationals that were at that time present were asked for their passports and threatened. The soldiers refused to speak in English and Arabic, insisting on speaking Hebrew in spite of it not being understood by everyone. The military tried to stop the taking of any photos or videos of the incident.

They left at about 3 am, but not without mocking the family and announcing they would “come every night” and cause further problems. It became clear that the soldiers target Bassem Tamimi because they consider him the main initiator of the weekly protests. It has not been the first night raid in the village.