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Ten children arrested in Hares

International Solidarity Movement

14 May 2010

Between 1 and 6 a.m. Thursday morning, 10 boys under the ago of eighteen were arrested from their homes in the village of Hares, Salift region. The boys, entirely innocent, were taken to Huwarra detention center where they are now being held. A massive number of soldiers were involved in the raid. They arrived in the village in three large “Man’ trucks, three smaller trucks and several army jeeps.

Earlier in the week, soldiers built a gate at the entrance to Hares. If closed, the gate traps many villages inside. The captain of Shabak in the area, new, told villagers that the gate was “punishment”, and that the arrests were further “punishment”. No reason or justification for “punishing” the village, particularly by arresting children, was furnished.