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Fishing Under Fire Report 2009

Fishing Under Fire

5 January 2010

Since the declaration of the “ceasefire”(18/1/2009), till the end of the year:

  • 1 fisherman have been assassinated by the Israeli Navy
  • at least 7 fishermen have been injured by gunfire (and at least another one sustained burns after shelling) in the sea, while another fisherman was reported by several media to be lightly injured by Israeli gunfire, but his name wasn’t reported.
  • at least 6 Palestinian civilians were injured on shore by Israeli navy (among them 4 children) and several others have been reportedly injured (among them another 5 fishermen have been reportedly injured on shore by Israeli shelling )
  • 68 abductions of fishermen have been reported (at least 2 fishermen abducted twice) and 29 “confiscations” of fishing boats. Several fishing boats have been returned but with damages and equipment missing, and at least one hassaka (small fishing boat) was stolen again.
  • 1 Greek boat of the Free Gaza Movement (“Spirit of Humanity”, official name “Arion”) was seized and confiscated and all the 21 passengers and crew abducted and later deported.
  • Israel claims to have further reduced the fishing zone to 3 nautical miles, but in fact is attacking Palestinian fishermen and other civilians even on shore
  • This report is based on reports by ISM Gaza Strip activists, reports by human rights organizations (such as PCHR and Al Mezan) and reports by media.