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Activist from Bil’in village arrested in night raid

Friends of Freedom and Justice

12 January 2010

For immediate release:

At 3:20am three Israeli army jeeps and many soldiers invaded Bil’in to arrest 21-year-old Yaseen Mohammad Yaseen. In the last six months the military has come to his home numerous times attempting to take him into custody. He is one of many activists arrested for attending weekly non-violent demonstrations. Yassen had been avoiding his home in Bil’in for the last six months; only making short visits to see his friends and family. He had only been in the village for two days before tonight’s arrest.

Friends of Yassen say that he visited his home on the night of his arrest, telling them he just wanted to see his family – even though he knew that they would probably attempt to arrest him. After he had been taken away, his mother sat shaking outside the family’s house. She was heard yelling at the soldiers during the invasion, questioning how they would feel if their sons were taken away like this and they were unable to do anything about it.