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Bil’in demonstrates against the Apartheid Wall

Bil’in Popular Committee

21 August 2009

Dozen were suffocated with tear gas by occupation soldiers during their participation in the weekly demonstration that was called by the People’s Committee to resist the wall.

Participants of the demonstration were people of the village, international activists and Israeli peace movement’s members. Demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and banners calling for ending the occupation, stopping wall and settlements constructions, land confiscation, night raids and arrests. Participants, walked in Bil’in streets, chanting slogans and calling for national unity. Demonstrators walked toward the wall and when they get close to the gate, the occupation soldiers started firing tear gas, causing suffocation.

On the other hand, the Israeli army force raided the village of Bil’in today’s morning and arrested Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Rahma (48 years) a member of the People’s Committee Against the Wall – Vice President of the village council – where he was taken to the Ofer prison. Thus this raid is targeting the members of the People’s Committee in order to stop their resistance against the occupation.

Although the occupation forces released yesterday, Basil Naim Bernat, this release was after spending 39 days at the prison and after paying 7,000 NIS as a penalty, and the have released the child Nashmi Mohammed Abu Rahma after paying 5,000 NIS as a penalty, thus he has spent five days at the prison. As well as, they have released before a couple of days Muhammad al-Khatib; member of the Popular committee after spending two weeks at the prison, although he has paid 10,000 NIS as a penalty, in addition to conditions includes not participating at the weekly demonstrations, and to leave Bili’n on Fridays from 12:00 am to 17:00 pm, as he has to be at the nearest Israeli police center in the mentioned period.