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International solidarity activists protest at Rafah border

The International Campaign to Open the Rafah Border

11 June 2009

The International Movement to Open the Rafah Border continues the campaign at the Rafah gate. The group consists of David Mattacchioni, Italy; Christian Chantegrel, Micheline Garreau, Jacque Denko, France; Paki Wieland, Ellen Graves, and Don Bryant, USA. These international activists have attempted to enter Gaza since the morning of June 9, but have been denied.

The goal of the International Movement to Open the Rafah Border (IMORB) is not only to enter Gaza, but to demand to lift the extended siege. “A humanitarian crisis has been created in Gaza by the siege and the Israeli massacre in December and January.” explained Don Bryant of Cleveland, Ohio. “We were in Gaza three months ago and saw the extreme destruction in every village, refugee camp, and business district. Over 1400 people were killed, 85% were civilians.”

The INTMORB has witnessed the plight of numerous families trying to enter Gaza, some of whom some have been waiting for weeks. A Palestinian man who has been waiting waiting over 22 days, said, “I am an engineer and could be earning a decent living, but they make me live like a beggar.” For all these people, it is overwhelmingly costly to stay for an undetermined time, waiting for an arbitrary political decision.

The group has decided that they will try to pass through the border today, with, and only with all of the people who are waiting to enter Gaza, Palestine. If by 4:00 p.m, they are still denied, they will set up camp, and besiege the siege. The media is invited to come and report this international action.

Any one who wants to support this action is urged to participate in a massive lobbying campaign by contacting their own government or foreign minister, the Egyptian Embassy in their own country, and their own embassy in Egypt. Send emails and faxes, and make phone calls demanding the opening of the border and the end of the siege.