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Women and children in Ni’lin protest against Israel’s war crimes

15th January 2009

On 15th of January women and children in Ni’lin protested against Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people. They were accompanied by international and Israeli human rights activists. The demonstration with approximately 100 participants took place inside the town and was good in expressing the mood of the village.

The demonstration started at the girls school. The girls wore t-shirts they printed themselves displaying the Palestinian nation and the names of Ni’lin and Gaza confirming their solidarity with the plight of the people who are suffering from Israeli brutality. They also carried balloons saying “Stop the wall”, “Stop the killing” and other slogans expressing their outrage.

They shouted slogans as they marched. They went to the graves of the four shaheeds (martyrs) from the village. First they went to the graves of Arafat al Khawadja, 22, and Mohammed al Khawadja , 19, where Arafat’s brother gave a speech. After they continued to the places where Ahmed Moussa, 10, and Yousef Amira, 17 are buried.

Media listened to the speeches and opinions of women and children participating in the demonstration.

This demonstration is a continuation of the struggle of Ni’lin against the construction of the Apartheid Wall since may 2008.