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Ramallah sees in the new year with candles for Gaza

Candle-lit demonstration in solidarity with Gaza – Ramallah, New Year 2009

Around 2000 people gathered in Al-Manara to see in the new year in solidarity with the besieged Palestinians under Israeli attack in Gaza.

Over 400 people in Gaza have now been killed in the Israeli massacre, one fifth of whom are women and children. Over 2000 have been injured with the rest of the 1.5 million people imprisoned in the Strip as Israel bombards them from the air and sea.

New Years Eve in Ramallah was a quiet time, with people’s thoughts with Gaza. There was some singing while large numbers held candles and Palestinian Flags in solidarity with Gaza.

The Palestinian people showed their unity by not raising any party flags – only black and Palestinian flags were held in the air over the masses.

Palestinians all over the West Bank continue to demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza. Daily demonstrations have been going on in Ramallah and will continue as Israel continues the attacks on Gaza.