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Patients and refugees evacuated as Al-Quds hospital burns

1am, 16th January 2009, Gaza City

Al-Quds hospital has been evacuated after the central building of the hospital was set ablaze. Patients and those seeking refuge in the hospital have been transferred to Al-Shifa hospital.

Al-Quds hospital has been surrounded by Israeli forces since 1:30am, 15th January. The fire is spreading too fast to be dealt with and the surrounding Israeli forces would not allow fire services access so as to combat the blaze.

Australian Human Rights Activist Sharon Lock was at al-Shifa hospital as the last evacuees were brought in;

The hospital is unbelievably crowded. After around 600 people had gone to Al-Quds hospital, they then had to leave again. They thought they had found somewhere safe, but nowhere is safe here.

Spanish Human Rights Activist Alberto Arce is also at Al-Shifa hospital,

It is chaos here. There are so many people. One doctor is having to operate on four people at the same time. People are being treated out in the corridors. People are outside and cannot get in.

Al-Quds hospital has been repeatedly shelled by the Israeli military. The storage facility has been ablaze throughout the day.

Families seeking refuge within the Al-Quds hospital were earlier fired upon by Israeli snipers. A nine year old girl is in critical condition in al-Shifa hospital after being shot in the face and abdomen. her father was also shot in the leg as they attempted to make it to the hospital.