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Israeli military threatens to expand attacks on Gaza

The Israeli military dropped leaflets over Gaza warning of an imminent expansion of the attacks which have already killed over 800 Palestinians and wounded over 3000.

This is a translation of the leaflet provided by ISM Volunteers in Gaza.

To the citizens of the Gaza Strip

The Israeli Defence Force distributed leaflets in Rafah a few days ago, warning citizens of an imminent operation and telling them to evacuate their houses immediately for their own safety.

Following the Israeli Defence Force directions and instructions has prevented hurting citizens who are not part of the fighting.

During the upcoming period, the Israeli Defence Forces will escalate their direct operations against the tunnels, the weapons and ammunition stores and the terrorists in all parts of the Gaza Strip.

For your safety and your family’s safety, you are asked not to be near the terrorists and the stores of weapons and the places of fighting and other places used by them.

The Israeli Defence Force asks to continue in this way by following the instructions which are communicated to you by all means.

The leadership of the Israeli Defence Force