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Israeli air-strike destroys Gazan medical centre

Photos courtesy of UHCC

Photos courtesy of UHCC

In the early morning of January 5th, Israeli F16 planes bombed a medical center for the Union of Health Care Committees in Gaza City. The attack completely destroyed the two-story building along with three trucks equipped as mobile clinics that were parked nearby. These mobile clinics had operated as field hospitals for the northern and central areas of the Gaza Strip and they were being used to treat the mass casualties from the ongoing Israeli air-strike and invasion.

The cost of the mobile clinics exceeded 1.5 million USD, which was funded by the Spanish organization Asecop. The attack on the UHCC medical center has followed the pattern of Israeli targeting medical teams in Gaza. Over the past nine days, at least six medics have been killed and several others injured. Ambulances have also been fired on or completely destroyed by Israeli shelling.

In response to this recent attack, the UHCC has stated, “we request from the entire international humanitarian and organizations to take a serious action to stop this massacre and protect the civilians and medical crews, and work for bringing the Israeli criminals to international trial for what they are committing against Gaza.”