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Red Crescent evacuating neigbourhoods in Rafah

The Red Crescent in Gaza is evacuating people from the neighborhoods in Rafah located along the border with Egypt.

According to the international Human Rights Volunteers in Gaza, people are being mobilized to leave the area as urgently as possible.

“Under the guise of humanitarian efforts, people are being informed that their homes are about to be destroyed. After an inhumane siege that left Gaza with little to lose, people are being asked to say goodbye to the last remains of their former lives.” Fida Qishta, Palestinian resident of Rafah, International Solidarity Movement

After days of coordinated bombings all over Gaza, the pretense of avoiding civilian casualties is nonsensical. The offensive bombing of sites in Gaza has already lead to over 300 deaths and 1,000 injuries. To pretend that Israel wants to avoid unnecessary deaths is to ignore the facts.” Jenny Linnel, British citizen, International Solidarity Movement

Human Rights Activists working with the International Solidarity Movement and the Free Gaza Movement have been witnessing and working to document the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Due to Israel’s policy of denying access to international media, human rights defenders and aid agencies to the Occupied Gaza Strip, many of these Human Rights Defenders arrived in Gaza with the Free Gaza Movement’s boats that have repeatedly broken the Israeli blockade of Gaza.