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Civilian houses and medical centres targeted by Israeli air-strikes

Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have been ongoing through the night, with civilian houses and medical centres being targeted by Israeli air-strikes.

International Human Rights Workers are continuing to witness and document the escalating devastation. Two houses that internationals were staying in last night (night of 27th December), suffered almost direct hits from Israeli missiles, one in Rafah and one in Jabaliya.

“I was woken by an incredibly loud explosion that felt like it was on top of us. We ran for the door, but the blast had welded it shut. The windows had been blown in so we crawled out through them. As we came on to the street, everyone was out. The medical centre next-door had been hit. Medical equipment was strewn over the road. Equipment here is so low anyway due to the Israeli siege, to see it wasted on the street was heartbreaking” Jenny Linnel (Britain) International Solidarity Movement speaking from Rafah.

“At the house where I am staying, the neigbours have just received a call to evacuate their house immediately. That it is being targeted. People do not know what to do”. Jenny Linnel (ISM)

Last night thousands of Palestinian residents of Gaza were subjected to calls from the Israeli Ministry of Defence saying that “any house that has guns or weapons will be targeted next without further warning or any announcement”

Two international Human Rights Workers stayed with the family of Sara Aid Hawajereh, the 55 year old mother killed yesterday by an Israeli missile in Jabaliya.

“We were in the basement with the rest of the family. We heard an extremely loud explosion and the house began to shake. Each mother grabbed their children to them. The missile had landed just outside in the garden. We were lucky” – Sharon Lock (Australian) International Solidarity Movement speaking from Jabaliya

Several medical and pharmaceutical centres treating civilians were hit by Israeli missiles throughout the night, including Al-Shifa hospital and the pharmacy in Hi Alijnina, Rafah.

A mosque was also hit last night, killing four civilians. The total amount of people now killed by Israel over the last 24 hours now stands at at least 282.