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ISM Rafah: Israeli violence continues despite ceasefire

Tonight (17th September), members of the ISM in the Gaza strip will be staying with a family in the Al Faraheen neighborhood of Abassan Al Kabeera, between Khan Younis and Deir El Balah in Southern Gaza.

The family’s home is situated a few hundred meters from the Green Line and the area has suffered a number of Israeli military incursions, the most recent of which was on 1st May this year, resulting in widespread agricultural damage.

During this attack, Israeli tanks and bulldozers surrounded the family’s home and snipers took up positions in two houses opposite. Israeli soldiers with dogs entered their house and searched it, causing damage and terrorizing the children.

The family have stayed with neighbors ever since, but their future is uncertain. Despite the ceasefire which began in June, there is regular shooting into the neighborhood from Israeli watchtowers and tanks on the Green Line. The most recent incident was three days a go. The family’s home has been shot into multiple times and many of their personal belongings have been damaged or destroyed. The ISM activists will monitor the situation and support the family in the event of any Israeli aggression .