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Ynet: Regiment commander to be dismissed over Naalin incident

Crime and punishment: Chief military prosecutor decides to dismiss armored corps lieutenant colonel after IDF soldier filmed shooting handcuffed Palestinian; commander, shooter to face criminal charges

By Hanan Greenberg

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First report: Regiment Commander Lieutenant Colonel Omri will be dismissed from his post in the wake of an incident where an IDF soldier fired a rubber bullet at a handcuffed Palestinian, Ynet has found.

The IDF’s chief prosecutor also decided that the commander and the firing soldier will face criminal charges of improper conduct. Such offences are considered relatively minor and do not result in a criminal record. The trial is expected to end in a plea bargain.

For the time being it has also been decided that Lt. Col. Omri will not be able to hold command positions in the future. IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is expected to meet with the dismissed commander and discuss his future in the military.

An indictment against the two soldiers is expected to be filed in the coming days. A plea bargain could see both of them handed a conditional sentence.

Did commander lie?

The investigation into the affair started after a Palestinian girl filmed an IDF soldier firing a rubber bullet at a handcuffed Palestinian who clashed with forces in the Naalin area.

Once the probe got under way, investigators discovered disagreements between the soldier and his commander. The soldier claimed that he fired at the Palestinian on the orders of Lt. Col. Omri. However, Omri said he did not issue such order, but rather, only wanted to scare the Palestinian.

Subsequent polygraph tests indicated that the commander lied in his interrogation while the soldier was telling the truth.