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The struggle against the apartheid wall continues in Ni’lin

On the 17th of August at 15:30 in the village of Ni’lin there was a demonstration of around 50 Palestinian together with 10 internationals and Israelis, organized by the Ni’lin Popular Committee Against the Illegal Apartheid Wall. The demonstration took place close to the site where the wall is being built by the Israel.

The non-violent demonstration marched to the construction site placed on their land despite a large amount of tear gas and rubber bullets that being shot by the Israeli army. The army eventually left at 18:00 and it meant that many of the protesters were able to reach the site where the wall will be built. The demonstration ended at 18:15, with no injuries being sustained.

From the originally 58,000 dunums of Ni’lin land (580 hectares) more than 69% was stolen by Israel in 1948, while in 1967 44% of the remaining land was used for construction of the nearby settlements. The wall that is illegal under international law steals 25% of the farming land that the village relies on for its income, and will make the once commercial capital of the area isolated from the surrounding villages. This will leave Nil’in, when the wall is finished, with only 10% of its original land (less than 15,000 dunums).