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Israeli army invades Kafr Qallil

The Israeli Army invaded Kafr Qallil on Thursday 21st August and arrested two men. Cousins Montasar Ahmed and Naseer Aamir were both taken from Montasar’s family home which he shares with nine other people.

Montasar’s father says that more than fifty soldiers surrounded the house at around 3.30pm. Local people began throwing stones and the soldiers responded with tear gas and sound bombs. According to several eyewitnesses, soldiers also fired live ammunition close to where people stood.

Montasar’s father was ordered to send his son outside. He says he tried to go with Montasar but the soldiers stopped him and threatened to shoot him if he attempted to reach his son. He says he then saw the soldiers take Montasar some distance from the house and punch, kick and beat him with their guns. When Montasar’s mother tried to reach her son she was pushed by soldiers and collapsed.

An ambulance was called, but neighbours say that the army prevented it from reaching the house. A media team was also stopped. Montasar was then taken into his family’s house with the soldiers who brought a dog team. Furniture and other belongings were destroyed and a collection of photos were taken as soldiers searched the home. Both Montasar and his cousin Naseer were taken to Huwarra military detention centre.

His father says that this is the second time that Montasar has been arrested. In November 2007 he was held in administrative detention for nine months and released without charge.