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Escalating harassment from settlers in Hebron

On 9th August 2008 15:48 At around 15:30 three donkeys which had been stolen by settlers in the morning were released by Palestinians under protection from Israeli police. This took place on land that has been occupied by settlers illegaly for 5 months. The land is owned by Palestinians and has grape, olive and almond treas on it that the Jabar family rely on for income. It has now become impossible for the family to enter this land.

On 9th August 2008 at 17:30 the Jabar family were attacked by settlers who threw stones at their house and tried to steal their sheep. When the army arrived at the place they pushed away the Palestinians who tried to prevent the settlers to steal their sheep. The settlers eventually stole 4 of the family’s sheep.

On 10th August at 17:30 8 settlers entered the H1 area of Hebron and began to pray. The Israeli army and border police entered and protected the settlers, at the same time they closed all the shops in Bab Al-Zawiya area around the checkpoint and the Beer Al-Saba Street. Later groups of settlers walked from Tel Rumeida checkpoint, through the Beer Al-Saba street, towards an old tomb to celebrate a Jewish holiday. The Palestinians didn’t get access to the street again until around 20:30 when the army and border police left and escorted away the last settlers.