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Ynet: Na’alin residents: IDF curfew made us stronger

Residents of West Bank village say will continue to protest construction of Israeli security fence

By Ali Waked

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Residents of the West Bank village of Na’alin near Ramallah vowed Tuesday to continue their protest against Israel’s construction of the security fence.

Monday evening the Israeli army lifted a curfew it had imposed on the village over the weekend due to violent rallies that were recently

held there in protest of the fence. Earlier in the day some 200 Palestinians, left-wing activists and foreign citizens held rallied against the curfew. Security forces dispersed the demonstrators with the use of rubber bullets and tear gas. Three protestors were detained during the clashes.

Following the demonstration officers from the IDF Coordination and Liaison Office held a meeting with representatives of the Popular Committee Against the Wall, after which it was decided that the army would lift the curfew. The committee members, however, said they would continue protesting against the fence’s construction.

“The curfew and siege only made us more united,” said committee member Ibrahim Amira, “we told the officers we wouldn’t stop our struggle if they don’t halt the construction and reroute the fence to the Green Line.”