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IWPS: Settlers attack Asira al Qabiliya and Burin

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The International Women’s Peace Service were notified on the morning of 19 June that Israeli setters from the illegal colony of Yitzhar had carried out a series of attacks on the village of Asira al Qabiliya in the Nablus district. According to villagers, the settlers burnt fields, threw stones and attack villagers, while also putting graffiti on houses. Residents of the village, however, were able to drive the settlers off.

As IWPS volunteers made their way to the village to document the attacks, they were again notified that the Yitzhar settlers were carrying out a new attack against the village of Burin, less then five kilometres from Asira al Qabiliya According to a journalist in the village at the time, up to 50 settlers began throwing stones at Palestinian cars and homes, but were initially driven off by the residents of Burin. The illegal settlers, however, then set fire to the village’s fields. According to the journalist more than 100 dunums of Palestinian land to the south of the village are currently burning. IWPS volunteers speaking with the journalist on the telephone could hear clashes in the background between the Israeli military, Palestinian farmers and settlers, as the illegal settlers once again attempted to attack the village.