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Ibrahim Burnat shot by live ammunition in Bil’in

Update: Ibrahim Burnat, (Wageeh’s 26 years old son) was shot with live ammo in the thigh yesterday during the demo, and was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition due to massive blood loss.

The bullets, apparently 3, who pierced through his leg ripped an artery, a vein and cause some yet uncertain nerve damage. After being operated on for about three or four hours, Ibrahim was moved back into the intensive care unit at Sheikh Zeid hospital. It is still uncertain if he will be able to walk on the leg again. Ibrahim’s brother, Rahme, was paralysed on the first day of the 2nd Intifada after being shot by the Israeli army.

By Friends of Bil’in

Today a young man from Bil’in was shot with live rounds during the weekly Bil’in Protest. Ibrahim Burnat who was shot in his right thigh was taken directly to Sheik Zaid Hospital in Ramallah and was described by doctors as being in critical condition.

Ibrahim posed no threat to Israeli soldiers who shot him with live rounds for attempting to damage the illegal apartheid wall.

The protesters were shot with tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets, and finally live ammunition as the protest wound down.

One Israeli activist was wounded and another more seriously injured from rubber coated steal bullets. In addition dozens were treated for tear gas inhalation.

Locals where joined by international activists this week to protest against the apartheid wall and the expansion of Israeli settlements. The weekly protesters raised the Palestinian flag and slogans against the occupation. The signs demanded the dismantling of the apartheid wall, land confiscation, and the expansion of Israeli Settlements.

The protesters also demanded an end to Israel’s killing of unarmed Palestinian civilians, the closure of roads in the West Bank, and large scale imprisonment as a form of collective punishment.

In other news, earlier this week the Israel Occupation Army arrested Bil’in resident Ashraf Mohammed Al-Jamal Tafwik Al-Khatib. Ashraf was passing through one of the many checkpoints on his way to work in Jericho when he was arrested. No reason was given for his arrest.

Ashraf was active in the weekly Bi’in peaceful protests and villagers believe this was the reason he was targeted, in a continued effort by the army to silence the people of Bilin. The Occupation Army had previously harassed Ashraf and his family by making unwanted visits to his family’s home in previous failed attempts at arresting him.