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Ma’an: Women march for rights, end of occupation in Gaza

Women staged two demonstrations in the Gaza Strip on Saturday to demand a stop Israeli violence that has recently led to the death of 18 women, including two infants recently.

Women marched to the slogans “Under what fault was she killed,” “Where is my right to live in peace and safety?” and “I am a peace dove suffocated by the blockade.”

One of the marches went to the United Nations headquarters in Gaza City, where women from throughout the Strip delivered a letter demanding an emergency United Nations meeting to lift the Israeli-imposed siege.

The letter was handed over by organizer Soad Hijo, the head of the women’s program at the Al-Ghawth relief center, demanding that the international community pressure the occupying power to end its war in Gaza and grant Palestinian women the rights that are owed women throughout the world.

The letter also called for the release of all female and male Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, and an end to all forms of discrimination against women.

In the second march, organized by the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, protesters gathered in front of the Legislative Council headquarters in Gaza carrying banners calling for women’s rights and the need to end the suffering of the Palestinian women

A Palestinian called Om Raefat stated, ” I am here to tell them how I wish for the unity of the Palestinian people, for people feel suffocated and what to live in internal peace.”