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Israeli Army Invade Azzoun, Boy Shot With Live Ammunition

On 31 Jan 2008, at about 3 pm, two Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) jeeps and one Armoured Personel Carrier (APC) invaded the town of Azzoun, with another jeep creating a flying check point at the main gate to the town. With sirens blaring, one jeep and the APC circled the entire town announcing a curfew. Some young men were detained in the street and about one hour later, the APC blocked the small road from the main street to the newly built Mosque. Six soldiers got out in the small road and would not let International Human Rights Workers (HRWs) follow and film them, swearing at them and even threatening the HRWs by aiming their guns at them.

The six soldiers shot more than ten rounds of live ammunition. 18 years old Mahmood Mohammad Zakiradwan was shot with live ammunition, as confirmed by the Red Crescent Society, in his leg and sent to Qalqilya hospital by ambulance. Afterwards the six soldiers started to wander streets near the main square waiting for the chance to shoot stone throwing boys again. At about 5:30 pm the IOF withdrew from the town of Azzoun.

The same day at about 2:30pm, border police came into the nearby town of Izbat At Tabib. Hamad Assad Tabib, who has mental problems, was beaten very badly by the border police whilst working his land near the Apartheid wall. He was then arrested without any reason, and has not yet been released.