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Teen jailed earlier is now released

Muhammad, aged 16, was released the 6th of December after 14 days in prison. He was arrested together with eight other young men from Azzoun as a result of an early morning raid by the IOF the 22d of November. Still, Muhammad does not know why he was arrested.

At 3:00 AM Mohammad and his father were forced out from their home in Azzoun by approcimately 15 Israeli soldiers. They were both searched and Mohammad was handcuffed, blindfolded and brought to an army jeep which took him and eight other arrested Palestinian youths to the illegal settlement Qarne Shamron. At the settlement Mohammad was forced to the ground, still with his hands cuffed behind his back, and was beaten by the soldiers.

Mohammad and four of the other arrested youths were later taken to the prison in Huwwara military camp. After six days he was brought to Salem where he was interrogated for the first time. The interrogator beat Mohammad repeatedly during the questioning, trying to force him to admit stone throwing. Despite beatings and threats he did not admit anything.

Back at Huwwara prison Mohammad and five other prisoners had to spend two days in the zinzanah, which is a small empty cell where they have to live under very bad conditions. They did not get enough food and there were only very thin blankets to use during the cold winter nights.

After a total of 14 days in prison Mohammad is free again, but his eight friends are still in jail and no one knows for how long. Detention without formal charge is common to Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Similarly, those detained are usually not given any indication when they will be released.

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