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IMEMC: Israeli soldiers exchange photos of killed Palestinians

Thursday November 1, 2007

Israeli soldiers have recently exchanged photos of killed Palestinians on their cellular phones, the Israeli Daily Mariv reported on Thursday.

The daily explained that the soldiers have set photos of killed Palestinians as their mobiles’ screen pictures instead of their families’.

The daily received a number of photos of those being exchanged by the soldiers and that some soldiers revealed that such photos have recently spread widely among soldiers, serving on Gaza-Israel border lines.’

The Israeli newspaper maintained that most categories of the Israeli army, including the tank battalions, the infantry and others have been using these photos, the latest of which was of a Palestinian who was killed by the Israeli soldiers during an infiltration attempt.

“The photos exchange has become a hobby among the soldiers, in way that would have relieved us as victorious against the terrorists ‘Palestinians'”, the newspaper quoted one of the soldiers as saying.

A spokesperson of the Israeli army has responded to such a report by saying that the army will start an examination into the case and that if it proved correct, the army would guarantee morals of its soldiers.

Throughout the Palestinian uprising (Intifada), the Israeli army has been involved in a series of misconduct, such as the killing of a four-month-old Palestinian baby in southern Gaza, and the dragging in the street of a killed Palestinian in the West Bank.

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