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IMEMC: Israel to Deport Four Palestinian Detainees to Jordan

By Saed, IMEMC Reporter

The Israeli authorities decided on Wednesday to deport four Palestinian detainees to Jordan after claiming that their presence in the Palestinian territories is illegal.

In a letter which was leaked from al-Jalama prison facility, the detainees stated that they were recently informed that they would be deported to Jordan because they do not have the proper identity cards, despite the fact they are Palestinian, and have lived in the West Bank with their families for many years. All four have applied multiple times for ‘family reunification’ visas, but their applications were never processed by the Israeli authorities.

They added that they were taken prisoner at Israeli-controlled roadblocks and were interrogated and detained by Israeli authorities. No charges were filed against them, until they received the deportation order on Wednesday.

The four detainees appealed to international humanitarian organizations to intervene, especially since they have their whole families in the West Bank, and have been living their lives there. All four are married to Palestinian women who have identity cards, and have children.

All four were confined to solitary confinement, and were not allowed to communicate with anyone, to receive medical care, or to speak with any organizations or lawyers.