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Two schoolkids injured, one men abducted by Israeli Military in Jenin

6th September 2007

In the early morning hours two Palestinian children were injured by Israeli gunfire in Jenin.

Eye witnesses and the Palestinian police reported that approximately at 3 o”clock am the Israeli Army, coming from Naaser street, entered the city of Jenin. About 13 Israeli military vehicles, including one Caterpillar bulldozer, were seen, as they approached to the eastern part of the city.

When the army reached a Palestinian house, which apparently was the intended destination, they forced the inhabitants to leave their house, and further forced the neighbours out of their homes as well. While the army surrounded the area, they started to open fire at the house in question. Palestinian freedom fighters of Islamic Jihad, occupying the building responded in turn with fire. During these clashes soldiers abducted one local leader of Islamic Jihads Al-Quds Brigades.

Later in the morning local school children gathered at the scene and in turn started throwing stones at the heavily armoured military vehicles. The army responded by throwing several canisters of teargas and sound grenades culminating in them firing rubber coated steel bullets at least two of the children.

Both children were seriously injured, in one case the bullet entered the head of the child. Both were brought into hospitals inside pre-1948 Palestine. Eye witnesses reported that at this time the fighters had already left the scene, which makes this unnecessary use of violence against children even less understandable.

After seven hours of violence, harassment and spreading fear the army left the city at about 10 o’clock.