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Support Needed: Settler to face court for Assaulting HRWs: Septmeber 6th 1pm

On the 6th September 2007, 1:00pm, a court will convene at the Israeli Peace Courts to bring to trial a mature Israeli Settler who attacked two international human rights workers on the 27th July 2007.

The incident took place on a piece of Palestinian land located between the illegal settlements of Kiriat Arba and Givat Havot. On the 27th July 2007, a number of human rights activists had convened to accompany a Palestinian man and his family in accessing his land directly between Kiriat Arba and Givat Havot. The piece of land, although legally Palestinian is coveted by the settlers who have gone so far as to erect a tent upon the land and claim it to be a Synagogue.

As the two activists walked towards the land, a mature settler, believed to be a resident of Givat Havot, brandished a large spiked stick and proceeded to attack a German man and a British lady as they were walking towards the land. Both were left shaken and with severe cuts and bruises. Video footage clearly demonstrates that this was an unprovoked attack and that the activists had not undertaken anything to encourage the aggression.

Footage of the incident and greater detail relating to the incident can be found at the following link:

This case is one of few out of the numerous attacks that take place against Palestinian and International activists who seek to defend the rights of Palestinians and are attacked in the process of doing so. The majority of attacks do not make it as far as the courts due to insubstantive evidence or difficulties encoutered with police investigations. We hope that we can achieve justice in the face of continued violence and oppression by Settlers who wish to denigrate the Palestinians and prevent Activists from acting in solidarity with them. We need to show that we will not walk away even when faced with harm and we hope that justice will prevail.

We hope that as many people as possible can attend the hearing and offer their support.

For additional information please contact Rose 054 224 9179