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Peace Activist Wounded by IOF Fire Returns to Sue


On the night of April 5th, 2003, in the west bank city of Jenin, Brian Avery from North Carolina was shot in the face by machine-gun fire from an approaching Israeli Army APC. He did not die, the bullet penetrated his nose, broke the bones in his nose, hit his eye and exited from the other cheek. He has since needed to go through six operations and there are still more to go.

Brian Avery has now come back to the country, alongside friends and witnesses, and is suing the State of Israel. The trial, under Judge Kanafi Steinmetz, will open in East Jerusalem, at the District Court on Salah al-Din Street (opposite the Ministry of Justice) on Thursday, September 20th, 2007, at 9 am. Brian Avery will be legally represented by attorney Shlomo Lecker.

For further information:

Attorney Shlomo Lecker: 02 – 623 3695
Bilha Golan: 050 – 763 8568

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http://www.freepalestinecampaig n.org/brian_avery.htm