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Non-Violent Peace Activist Threatened with Assasination

On Wednesday the 5th Septmember:

At 2:30 in the morning, Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the Old City of Nablus close to the Al Masre school. In doing so they invaded the homes of a number of residents in particular targetting the family home of a local Palestinian human rights actvist. The residents of the activist’s home, as well as the residents of neighbouring houses were forced onto the streets and their homes heavily searched. Sound grenades were thrown and live ammunition was fired scaring the children and shattering the quiet of the streets.

When it became apparent that the Palestinian man was not present the IOF told his family that he must give himself up or that he will be assasinated.

The Palestinian actvist in question has dedicated himself to the non-violent struggle against the illegal occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state. He is a man that carries no weapons and supports other Palestinians and international activists in joining together to resist the occupation through non-violent. His crime essentially that he say’s No to what has been a brutal regime that denigrates and dehumanises the Palestinian people.

Through the Fourth Geneva Convention, Palestinians have the legitimate right to resist the occupation, it is evident therefore that it is Israel that is committing the crime yet it is the Palestinian who acts in accordance with international law that is punished. The Israeli state further commits war crimes through the collective punishment of the family, friends and neighbours of the aforementioned Palestinian through the raids upon their homes and harrasment they are forced to endure.