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Attack on Child by Settlers

Tel Rumeida, Hebron, 8.9.07

A local human rights worker reported that seven settler children and one adult attacked a Palestinian child in Hebron. The incident happened at 10 am outside Beit Hadassa settlement in Tel Rumeida, Hebron.

The children were directed to beat up the victim by the adult and started punching and kicking him. An ISM human rights worker (HRW) intervened and protected the Palestinian. The boy was moved away from the settlers. At this point a soldier from the nearby checkpoint started to move the settlers back. The settlers then started throwing stones at the activist and the child who was ushered away to safety by the HRW.

After the attack another ISM activist arrived on the scene. He asked the soldier why he didn’t intervene earlier. The soldier replied “what can I do against kids”.

The situation was calmed down by the presense of the international HRWs.