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Hebron: Medical Access Denied After Palestinian Hit by Israeli Car.

At about 5:30 pm on the 5th of August, a Palestinian man who was walking down the hill toward Shuhada street was hit by an Israeli settler in his car. The Palestinian man was seriously injured though the soldiers, and police said that he was faking his injuries. The Palestinains right pant leg was badly torn, and he seemed to be in great pain.

Israeli vehicals, settler, soldier, and police, are known to drive through the Tel Rumeida neighborhood with great speed though the roads are narrow, short, and have many sharp curves making it impossible to see around certain cornors. Palestinian vehicals are not allowed to drive on these roads, so all traffic is Israeli vehicals who have free reign of the area.

The Palestinian man, who was hit by an Israeli vehical, was on the ground, in great pain , for about fifteen minutes beofre an Israeli ambulance arrived to take the man away. Palestinian ambulancs are forbidden to enter Tel Rumeida or drive through the streets.

The Palestinian man was put into the back of the Israeli ambulance which shortly left, supossedly to take the man to the hospital within the Kiryat Arba settlement. The injured Palestinians mans father also accompanied him within the ambulance.

However when the ambulance left it just drove back and forth on various streets for two hours, refusing to take the man to the hospital.

Finally the man was dropped off in H1 and a Palestinain amubluance took the man to a Palestinian hospital. The degree to which this man was injured is still unknown.