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Hebron: Masked Settlers Attack Human Rights Worker

At approximately 1 pm (the 6th August) around 8 Israeli settlers were seen, by an international human rights worker, covering their faces on the edge of Tel Rumada settlement. They then exited the settlement and carried out a targeted attack on a human rights observer monitoring a check point. The settlers brought the HRW to the ground kicking and punching him, then continued to kick and punch him repeatedly.

Two observing soldiers made some attempt to stop the attack, but this amounted only to feeble requests to stop and was accompaninied with very little physical intervention. About 5 minutes after the attack began two other HRW’s arrived, followed closely by 3 soldiers and managed to bring the violence to an end. The HRW’s camera was stolen in the attack meaning there was no independent footage of the incident.

Despite this gratuitous violence and that the attackers were still in possession of stolen property, the attackers, still with their faces covered, were escorted back to their settlement before the police could arrive.